Primary Bilingual School


Research! Present! Debate! Invent! ECP represents a fresh, vibrant approach to promoting fluency and accuracy in English. We aim to fully engage our students in projects which will provide ample opportunities for them to explore and celebrate their English skills, in both formal and informal contexts.

Critical thinking, creative problem solving, values, presentation skills and debating language are just some of the areas we will be investigating, in a fun, supportive environment.

For example; our first debate will pose the question, ‘Is homework a waste of time?’ Our first value-themed endeavour will be to write a short play entitled, ‘The New Student in Class’ and our first creative solution challenge will be to design a healthy fast food company to rival certain junk food giants.

Students will be expected to communicate solely in English for the duration of these lessons and will be encouraged to help each other find the words to express their ideas.