Primary Bilingual School


1. Parents who who plan to enroll their children shall complete application form (Wniosek o przyjęcie do szkoły - can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) and give it to the school reception.  

2. Successful completion of both stages (Stage I and Stage II) of the interview is essential for admission to the school:

  • Stage I – English level test (this stage is omitted in the case of children from “First Steps” kindergarten whose level of English is confirmed by the kindergarten English teacher).
  • Stage II - the School Principal and a person appointed by the Principal meet the Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) in order to determine if the Parents’ expectations regarding education are consistent with the school offer.

    • the date of the interview will be agreed with the candidate’s Parents according to the submission of the application form ( „Wniosek o przyjęcie do szkoły");
    • the Parents will be notified of the results of the enrolment procedure within 7 days of the second stage of the interview;
    • if a candidate is admitted, the Parents are obliged to fulfill the necessary steps mentioned earlier including signing the agreement and paying the registration fee not later than 7 days after being informed that their child is admitted to the school;
    • failure to fulfill the steps mentioned above will result in the candidate being removed from the school list and the place will be given to the next person applying;
    • if a candidate fails to attend the interview and does not give a justification for failing to attend, the place is given to the next applicant;
    • interviews will be conducted until all places on the list are taken.

3. If a student  would like to join the school during the school year they should attend the relevant classes to get opinion from the teacher and the director of studies. This is the basis for accepting the student into the school.

4. Extra admissions criteria:

  • priority given to graduates from English Language Kindergarten „First Steps”,
  • priority given to candidates who have siblings in English Language Kindergarten „First Steps” or English Nursery “Basic Steps” or Bilingual Primary School “Primary Steps”,

5. The Parents of the children who are admitted to the School are informed by the School Principal within 7 days of the second stage of the interview. Within the next 7 days they are obliged to:

  • familiarize themselves with the regulations of the Bilingual Primary School “Primary Steps” – The Statute,
  • sign the Education Agreement,
  • make payment of the registration fee,
  • fill all the required documents.

 6. Failure to fulfill the steps mentioned above in due time means the resignation of cooperation with the school.

Documents required: Application form („Wniosek o przyjęcie do szkoły’)  - download.