Primary Bilingual School


Intensive English are lessons which are divided into groups according to level of proficiency, taking age categories into account.

In the above categories the children, following the core curriculum “English for Young Learners” designed for the given level, prepare for the Cambridge YLE (Young Learners English) exams: Starters, Movers and Flyers. The progress made by each child and scope to which it masters the language determines when it can take the exam. Sitting the exam is not compulsory. At each level the children develop their abilities, and obtaining the Cambridge certificate is an additional reward for each child’s effort, strong motivation to study further and reinforcement of belief in one’s ability.

During the lessons in exam classes the children carry out tasks typical for YLE tests, so as to familiarise themselves with them and prepare as well as possible for the exam, which takes place in mid-June. In addition, the coursebooks used by the children in class help them to develop the skills required for the exam. In the middle of the school year the children in exam classes can evaluate their level of preparation through a mock exam before sitting the Cambridge exam.

The Cambridge YLE exams (organised in our school) are carried out in a stress-free environment and allow the children to gain positive experience. The YLE exams always end with the reception of a certificate.

The YLE test at each level contains the following parts:

- Listening

- Reading and Writing

- Speaking