Primary Bilingual School



The school is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lessons start at 8.00 a.m.

Classes contain up to 16 students. *

We ensure:

  • qualified teaching staff, committed to taking care of children’s holistic development
  • the following of a teaching programme approved by the Polish Ministry of Education
  • integrated learning through a bilingual system, with Polish and English complementing each other
  • learning through experiments and through creative and unhampered educational games, which alongside studying are a child’s basic form of activity; in class we also use interactive whiteboards
  • well-balanced rest time and outdoor activities when there are favourable weather conditions

* The school director may increase the class size to 18 students.


Daily schedule

07:00-08:15 – care provided in the school common room or extracurricular activities

08:15-12:30 – LESSONS + additional educational activities

12:30-13:25 – lunch and outdoor playtime

13:25-15:00 – LESSONS + additional educational activities

15:00-17:00 – after-school club or extracurricular activities



By wearing uniform clothes the students can identify not only with the school which they attend, but also with their peers. A clear identification of where they belong gives them a sense of community and support within the group. In addition the obligation of wearing uniform does not make students feel a need to manifest their social-economic status. Children and their parents do not need to worry about designer clothes, which are appraised by children from richer families.


Care provided by specialists and doctors

In “Primary Steps” we opt for optimally individualised work, where talent and level of difficulty are the most serious challenges. We give support to every child, also basing on modern pedagogical and psychological methods.

Our institution employs a school pedagogue. We also co-operate on a daily basis with a psychologist.

At the start of the school year we check the students’ posture. Every student receives a relevant certificate, on the basis of which they may attend physiotherapy exercise sessions, run by a qualified instructor.

Our school also co-operates with a speech therapist, who runs individual speech therapy for the students on the basis of previously diagnosed impediments. Preliminary (paid) check-ups are run in our school at the start of each school year.

As part of the programme “School for Parents”, the psychologist organises cyclical meetings with parents on the school premises. The topic of the session is pre-arranged with the parents. The main aim of the programme is to support parents and teachers in managing with daily contact with children and teenagers. Acquiring the ability to communicate better, reflecting on one’s own part in bringing up children, sharing experiences, are small steps towards a closer relationship, giving satisfaction and a feeling of mutual closeness. It is also a lesson in dialogue and establishing relationships based on mutual respect.


Our school is in a four-storey building located at 32 Zielona Street near the centre of Bielsko-Biała. The spacious and bright classrooms are divided into two parts – for learning and for playing. We provide also classrooms for small groups, a locker room and a canteen. There is a reception and a spacious hall on the ground floor.

The building is safe and monitored. Each person entering the building is within sight of reception staff.

Free car parking in front of the building (opposite to the main entrance) is very convenient for parents who bring their children to school by car – the children can access the school building safely.

There is a green area for recreation adjacent to the school building.




More information about extracurricular activities HERE.