Enrolment procedure

  1. The enrolment for children starts at September. Parents who who plan to enroll their children shall complete application form.
  2. Then the following are organized:

– interview with the student (English level test, checking general readiness for school),

– meeting with the Parent (in order to determine if the Parents’ expectations regarding education are consistent with the school offer).

  1. Once Parent gets the notification of a positive result of an interview, he/she is required to provide completed documents to school.. Then, up to 7 days after submitting these documents, the Parent shall pay the entry fee.

Failure to fulfill the steps mentioned above will result in the candidate being removed from the school list and the place will be given to the next person applying;

  1. The final contracts are signed within the set deadline (April / May).Failure to meet the deadline for signing final contracts is treated as the  resignation from cooperation with the school.
  2. If a student  would like to join the school during the school year they should attend the relevant classes to get opinion from the teacher and the director of studies. This is the basis for accepting the student into the school.
  3. Extra admissions criteria:
  • priority given to graduates from English Language Kindergarten „First Steps”,
  • priority given to candidates who have siblings in English Language Kindergarten „First Steps” or English Nursery “Basic Steps” or Bilingual Primary School “Primary Steps”.