The teaching staff consists of both Polish and English (“native speakers”) teachers, with relevant certifications, experienced in teaching younger children. The teachers are enthusiastic with positive attitude and good relations with children. They are great observers and can help motivate children in the learning process and also development of their own individual interests and passions.

Regular trainings, tutorials, class observations and individual supervision and appraisals are all professional support for the teachers and help them to futher develop whilst maintaining high levels of individual competence.

The English teachers are supervised by the Director of Studies.
The STEM program is run by the experienced English Coordinator.
The Head of the Bilingual Primary School “Primary Steps” is the Principal.

Beata Mąka – School Director

Katarzyna Staśto – Primary School, English Teacher

Anna Uczniak – School Psychologist

Anna Wojtyczka – Psychologist

Małgorzata Jaworek – Primary School, English Teacher

Katarzyna Zachara – Primary School, English Teacher

Danuta Rutkowska – Primary School, English Teacher

Mariola Bąk – English Teacher

Izabela Laskowska – English and Spanish Teacher

Anna Wójcik-Jachowicz – Polish Teacher

Alicja Krzempek – Math Teacher

Urszula Grzędziel – Math Teacher

Bronisława Seremak – Kos – Science, Biology, Geography Teacher

Błażej Dobrogoszcz – History and IT Teacher

Sebastian Kuliński – History Teacher

Katarzyna Paprota – Technology and Mathematics Teacher

Katarzyna Malchar-Hałat – Spanish Teacher

Marzena Łojewska – German Teacher

Magdalena Hetnał – Italian Teacher

Dorota Górny – Music Teacher

Joanna Garus-Balcer – Art teacher

Jarosław Tatarynowicz – Physical Education Teacher

Iwona Baścik – Physical Education Teacher

Alicja Mieszczak – Religion Teacher

Dorota Małysz – family life education

Augustyna Miodońska- Dayroom

Krystyna Pisarek – Dayroom


Alan Laing – English Teacher

Hattie Everroad – English Teacher

Alex Tieanu- Koppandi – English Teacher

Tara Deakin –  English Teacher

Maisie Green – English Teacher